Message from Director General

     Infrastructure is essential for both the economic and social development of the country. Over the past decade, the Department of Rural Roads has successfully delivered road and bridge constructions, transportation for trade access points (improving the quality of life for the people), and also continues to follow the government development strategy issues. In the fiscal year 2017, the Department of Rural Roads carried out important missions to drive and develop transport systems throughout the country, including the upgrade of 884.242km of earth roads to paved/concrete roads. The DRR has constructed bridge networks of 9,227 meters and has also resolved traffic problems in the metropolitan area – covering a total distance of 15.969 km. In addition, the DRR has also designed and built urban road with total distance 14.663 km, road supporting tourism strategy with total distance of 96.593 km, road supporting logistics strategy 28.776 km and road supporting special economic zones 41.649 km.

     Over the past 15 years, the Department of Rural Roads has been fully committed to developing and using state-of-the-art technology in order to drive continual improvements, as well as strengthening relationships with local administrative organizations, and encouraging cooperation between national and international organizations. An example of this is the joint cooperation with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, in Japan (MLIT); this has enabled knowledge share relating to road safety development and has helped to enhance the performance of our two countries. Missions such as this aim to maximize the quality of life for the people under the vision of “Enhancing, Add Values, Complete Network with sufficient and sustainability for the benefit of the people”

     This year is marks the 15th anniversary of the Department of Rural Roads (on October 9th 2017) and I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the executives, officials, and personnel of the Department of Rural Roads for all their dedicated work and support in helping to deliver projects to the people - even when our country is exposed to natural disasters such as drought and flooding.

     I would like to thank all of you and may the sacred powers pray for your happiness, prosperity, and health, and may they give you the strength to overcome any obstacles to succeed for the sake of Thai people.